Convert vector artwork to CNC-ready formats for cutting, bending, engraving, printing, or any other use you can think of. Convert directly from AI, PDF, and other formats. Optimized node reduction and perfect smoothness thanks to TrulyTangent™ Technology make Bezarc the industry choice for converting artwork to CNC.

"Bezarc paid for itself on its first day." Bill Maynard, Design Craftsman

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The time-tested standard for CAD translation. Cadmover converts files to the format of your choice with the best match of colors, line weights, layers, and any other features that distinguish your CAD files.

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Service Bureau

A budget-savvy alternative to purchasing conversion software. Let our CAD/CAM technicians do the translation for you. Experienced operators familiar with the conversion process can save you time and money.

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Save time and money

Kandu's translation products save both time and money. There's no need to go through laborious redrawing or tracing to get the graphic you want in the program you want. Translate your original artwork, CAD, or CAM graphic in seconds.

Optimized Tool Paths

Bezarc generates tool paths that balance node count and precision. Input artwork is matched as closely as you want it to be.

An eye for detail

Automatically adjusts for the size of any graphic feature. Tiny details and sweeping features are converted optimally, without sacrificing precision or adding clutter.

Truly Tangent Technology

Bezarc offers the option of keeping the generated tool path absolutely tangent to the original artwork at every node in the input file.

Step and Repeat

Define a subfigure, then repeat it in as many rows and columns as you wish.